Why do some of my teachers have some assignments that I already turned in but nope it says that they are missing so that means that I posably might not play basketball for school because of my teachers and one of my teaches that did this is Mr. foley and i have done every thing in his class and nope i dont get any points for it and i dont get it i tell him all the time and he” says u never gave it to me” so i get a little mad about that. But u know its ok i dont get the play school basketball because of the missing assignment that i did  but oh well im jest going to fail that class.


Declans birthday. Declan wanted to go to chuckycheese and when we got there he wanted to leave right away because a kid came up to him and hugged him and he wanted to leave until we got him some pizza then he wanted to stay. After a while my grandma wanted some doughnuts so we went to crispy creams then my grandma got happier.  When we got home she was ready to go to bed after she got her teas. I had to make the tea because my grandma was in bed and my dad was drunk and my mom wasn’t home and liam didn’t know how to and i didn’t either so it was bad.

WP14 my hoverboard

I jest got my hoverboard and it looks so sexy and it is the smoothest riding hoverboared in the world and it is suppose to  be a Christmas preset but i got it early so i ride it at night when my mom and dad are asleep . A lot of people think they are hard to ride but to me they aren’t you will shake the first time but the next time its way easier to ride but i got a third generation one and they area little  bigger then the normal ones but im getting a chrome gold one.


One thing that I enjoy is relaxing out side , fishing , riding my hoverboard in the street to peoples houses. the hover board color that i have is chrome gold and i have no earaches+ on it comment  if u want to buy and ill give u a price or if u have the money, And if u like a black and red third generation hoverbaord 

click on it and you will see the most coolest thing on the world

WP12 football game

Our football game Saturdays are the best because a ton of people come and play and we play like  2 or 3 games then we play a game called  smear the queer and what we do is that we through the ball in the air and who every person that gets the ball has to  other side of the field  to get a point  and when you get a point you through the ball in the air and do it all over again.



My self balancing scooter im getting soon and its going to be chrome gold or fire flames I want to get the fire flame  because it looks sexy and if it get a little scratched it wont show that much as it will on the chrome gold. And because one of my friends has the chrome gold and its scratched to death.  Tomorrow liam and some of his friends are going to play football and the kid with the most points gets too ride his board i got to ride it once and it was in my house and they are supper fun.

SBC 5 favorite meal

My favorite food would have to be my grandmas teriyaki chicken because  she makes her own sauce and she puts some ghost pepper juice in the sauce to make it spicy and it is the best food  in the world my grandma should be famous. That’s how good it is. If I was to maker it I would have it almost every day and its so  good I wish i could have it again but she doesn’t get the ghost peppers anymore because  she use to get them from one of her friends and her friend died so now we have to go get them in stores.


When people bring their lunch from home I usually see them with sandwiches, salads, chips, and some juice or drink. On occasion, there will be students with left overs from dinner. I have done this before and I enjoy this more than bringing a boring sandwich.  At our school, and most schools, there is the option of buying lunch. At our school lunch students will go to the theater where they will stand in a line. Or at least its supposed to be a line when its really just a mob of students trying to get through as quick as possible. When they have their food, they go to the counter where they scan your Id Card or you type in your student Id number. At our school, the lunch tables are  out side of the theater where students  buy their lunches.I don’t buy lunch from school . I don’t eat lunch because I found a ant in my food and they wouldn’t let me get  new lunch.

What I do on Halloween SBC4

What  I do on Halloween is what most people do they trickier  treat but before that my family and I  go to breakfast that we all want to go and then we stay there for a hour or so then we go home and play football on my PS4 I usually win then later we go to lunch at a fancy placed and we stay there for a little while then we go home and hang out with friends then at 10 a clock at night my friends and I go ticker treat and we stay out till our bags are half way full. Now when were done we can eat our candy.

Little Brother Declan Shoes WP9

My little brother Declan has shoe game. Declans first pair of shoes were Gone Fishing Foams  they are foamposites that has a design of fish scales and they are so sexy and I want them so bad so I can sell them. If I had them I would make them my beaters so I don’t have to use some other ones that are really bad and they aren’t good looking unlike the Gone Fishing Foams. The next pair of foams that he is going to get are called fruity Pebble  foams and they are all white and the soles are like fruity pebbles on the bottom. Or they would be my pair of foams. Either one works.